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The US Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement officers must act in an “objectively reasonable” manner when dealing with tense, rapidly evolving situations. Split second life and death decisions are then analyzed months and years later in safe and comfortable court rooms. How does an “objectively reasonable” person act? There is no standard definition used to satisfy this legal standard. I have worked for eighteen years to develop the Action-Response Continuum that guides and empowers law enforcement officers when dealing with resistance, assault and aggression.

The Action-Response Continuum places the focus directly on the subject – right where it belongs. The officer is not engaged in “use of force” – they are simply responding in an objectively reasonable manner to the actions of the subject. A compilation of over 20,000 survey results from law enforcement and correctional officers, military personnel and civilians form the backbone of this research based continuum. Our goal is support the public safety community by establishing a national guideline for response to resistance, assault and aggression. We hope to create a data-base of 1 million or more survey respondents. Please Take Our Survey and make your voice heard.

RTR can become an integral component of your organization’s risk management program. We will survey your department to ascertain the overall departmental belief system relating to reasonable responses to resistance/aggression and address specific training needs that are identified as a result of the survey. RTR offers expert legal testimony in support of the program and our research has been used throughout the United States to successfully defend law enforcement officers and agencies. Our copyrighted incident tracking software supports the Action-Response Continuum and our RTR Subject Control training techniques are simple, effective and “defendable” in court.

Please review our complete array of services in the RTR Training and Legal Sections.
Sam Faulkner      
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2011 RTR Training Dates
9/21 - 9-23 - (DOGS) Downed Officer Groundfighting Specialist (Columbus / Lewis Center)
10/10 - 10/14 Submission Counter & Escape School (Columbus / Lewis Center)
10/21 - 10/22 SLASHES Edged Weapon Defense Instructor (Columbus / Lewis Center)
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