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To those in the military, law enforcement and corrections
You are the first warrior class in the history of the world who is sent forth into harms way without a clue of what the rules of engagement are.Do you realize that you can follow your training and departmental policy to the letter, potentially face criminal charges, then be sued, and lose the suit? This wrong has motivated me for the past eighteen years to work toward developing a standard of conduct that will guide and empower us when dealing with resistance, assault and aggression.You are above all else, Constitutional Officers. In the bright line case of Graham v. Connor, 490 US 386, (1989), the Supreme Court stated that we must act as other reasonable officers would have acted in a tense, rapidly evolving situation.The problem is that there is no definition as to what a reasonable officer is or does.Make your voice be heard in defining what reasonable responses are by military personnel, law enforcement and correction officers.
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To our valued civilians, those we protect and serve
How would you like it if you had to play a football game knowing that if you lost, you may well lose your life? I think you would agree that you would be motivated to give it your absolute best. Now what would you think if I told you that after each play a number of referees would get together and decide what the rules of the game were and if the preceeding play was fair or foul. A terrible thought isnt it? This is what law enforcement, corrections and our military are faced with each day. The Supreme Court has stated that those who protect you must act objective reasonably. This means that those who are being protected, the civilians, must ultimately decide what reasonable responses are to resistance, assault and aggression. PLEASE, take a few minutes, support those who protect and serve you and help to define what is objectively reasonable.
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