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The men and women of law enforcement, corrections, and the military are required to use force to establish or maintain control in hostile situations. But, what type of force is reasonable in these confrontations? Let RTR assist your public safety entity by implementing guidelines on what constitutes reasonable responses to various types of resistive and/or aggressive situations.


When faced with hostile situations, public safety personnel are charged with making life or death decisions in a matter of seconds. Often, after the confrontation is over, the personnel’s response to the aggressive behavior is scrutinized in a court of public opinion and, at times, a court of law. To date, there are no national guidelines for responses to resistance, assault and aggression. Learn how your department can use the Response to Resistance survey to gain invaluable insight into your personnel and community while helping to accomplish the goal of establishing national guidelines to support the public safety community.


Response to Resistance Subject Control offers civilians, private security, law enforcement, corrections, and military personnel the most up-to-date defensive tactics training. Our tactics are driven by a mandate that all techniques must be simple, practical and effective for the officer, must garner control of a subject quickly, and must eliminate threats rapidly. Let Director of Training, Shawn Chitwood provide state-of-the-art training to your public safety department.


Now, more than ever, the amount of force used by public service personnel in response to hostile situations is being questioned in a court of law. The Response to Resistance legal services, offered by Sam Faulkner, have played a fundamental role in more than 350 law suits throughout the United States in defense of police and correctional officers and their respective organizations. This includes 120 law suits relating to the use of a firearm by the officer(s). Discover how Sam’s proven experience can become an integral component of your department’s risk management program.


A series of national research projects, conducted by RTR founder Sam Faulkner, defined reasonable responses to resistance and aggression culminating in the creation of the Action-Response Continuum. Well over 60,000 civilians, law enforcement, correctional, and security officers have been surveyed in every state in the United States. Do you agree with what they think is reasonable?

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