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Response to Resistance Subject Control offers civilians, private security, law enforcement, corrections, and military personnel the most up-to-date defensive tactics training. Our tactics are driven by a mandate that all techniques must be simple, practical and effective for the officer, must garner control of a subject quickly, and must eliminate threats rapidly.

Born from more than 40 years of martial arts training, international competition and law enforcement experience, our tactics provide the highest percentage opportunities for officer success with very little effort and our training methods develop incredibly high retention rates. Our liability reducing, Action-Response Continuum appropriate methods will keep your officers safe from injury and free from lawsuits.

Response to Resistance Subject Controls Director of Training, Shawn Chitwood has developed programs for and trained every police department in the state of Ohio, many other states, the federal government, and the United States military. Let us do the same for you.

Start training today through ARMADA's SECURE Network!

Shawn Chitwood
Director of Training
Dale Fortney
RTR Instructor
Jack Mann
RTR Instructor
Neil Chitwood
RTR Instructor
Chris Hofacker
RTR Instructor
Zane Nickell
RTR Instructor
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