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Survey  your department and community with Response to Resistance and discover:


  • The overall departmental belief system relating to reasonable responses to resistance/aggression.

  • Specific training needs as a result of the survey.

  • A proactive and proven risk management strategy that could possibly save individual officers, your department, and your community millions of dollars in damage awards, settlements and legal fees.

  • Positive local and national publicity as a forward thinking and progressive law enforcement agency that is also sensitive to the community’s perspective of police training and actions when force is justified.


Once the survey is completed, Response to Resistance will provide the following:

  • Survey totals for the entire department along with differences (variance) between departmental responses and the national database.

  • Analysis by age, gender, race, and perhaps most importantly – department rank. This will allow the department to determine if there is a gap or different set of beliefs between officers, first-line supervisors and administrators.

  • An addition survey of your civilian staff and local elected officials with a goal of creating goodwill toward the department. This educational process highlights what an officer on the street must deal with and how a “reasonable person” would respond given the same set of circumstances.

  • Publicity around the initiative to seek survey results from the community at-large. Community results are compared with the departmental results. This allows the department to inform and educate the citizens so that they have a better understanding and insight of the challenges faced by police officers.

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